Product update: coding playground & testing APIs

Application developers will notice big improvements in the latest releases of our graph visualization toolkits. There’s a faster, smoother installation experience for KeyLines, new ReGraph testing APIs, and KeyLines gets its own live-coding playground.

Get creative with the KeyLines playground

KeyLines now comes with its own playground: an interactive code editor and live visualization tool.

Welcome to the KeyLines playground

When you open the playground, you can build or edit a KeyLines application right in your browser and instantly see the results. No data is stored or sent to a server – the code is executed only in the browser. That means the playground is completely secure.

Each time you run your code, the data and code are encoded into the page URL so that you can bookmark it for future reference, or share it with teammates.

You can also use playgrounds to ask for support. Just send us a support query with your issue in a playground, and we’ll get back to you with a working code solution. Find out more about our live-coding playgrounds

KeyLines 6.10: faster and smoother installation experience

For a faster and more modern installation experience we now deliver KeyLines as a Node.js compatible package in a .tgz format. It’s compatible with all popular Node.js package managers and integrates more easily than ever into modern JavaScript applications.

You’ll find updated installation guides on the KeyLines SDK site. To access them, sign up for a free trial

ReGraph 3.7: new APIs to help with end-to-end testing

Our latest update brings new testing APIs for developers who want to create automated integration tests. They’re the same APIs we use for our own ReGraph testing, so we know you’ll find them invaluable for troubleshooting chart functionality.

ReGraph’s new testing APIs in action

If you’re not already using our toolkits, request a free trial today and find out what a big difference we can make to your visualization project.

A screen showing a hybrid graph and timeline visualization created using ReGraph and KronoGraph
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