Infrastructure visualization

Using network mapping software and timeline visualization to manage infrastructure

The infrastructure visualization challenge

To build secure infrastructure, you need to understand connections.

From the internet to gas pipelines, corporate IT systems to global telecoms networks: they’re all complex connected systems. A single point of failure can have a massive impact.

With every connected device or machine generating a digital footprint, it’s easy to produce infrastructure data on a massive scale. The challenge is joining the dots. That’s where network mapping software and data visualization plays a crucial role.

Interactive data visualization – especially network visualization and timeline visualization – is the best tool for making sense of complex infrastructure data.

Let’s see why.

Monitor: network mapping software

Every day, billions of events can take place in a single network. To make sense of these, analysts need to see what’s happening.

With network mapping software or timeline visualization tools, it’s possible to generate dynamic network visualizations from critical infrastructure logs in seconds. These visualizations reveal structures, dependencies, and vulnerabilities that infrastructure managers can use to make systems more resilient and effective.

Network mapping software makes it easier and faster to uncover vulnerabilities and bottlenecks in critical infrastructure networks. These scale from a single connection to tens of thousands, revealing network patterns and specific device behavior.

With a timeline visualization, powered by KronoGraph, we can watch events unfold and connections as they form, revealing fast and valuable insight.

understanding network traffic as a timeline

Learn more in our white papers

We’ve helped governments, banks, and leading software vendors visualize their data.

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Investigate: understand network incidents

With complex and constantly evolving networks, incidents and outages are inevitable. Armed with effective network mapping software, infrastructure managers can identify and investigate problems, and respond to them quickly.

Root cause analysis, powered by advanced data visualization, reveals what happened during an incident: identifying vulnerabilities, faulty equipment or bottlenecks.

Infrastructure managers need to see cause and effect. Combining a network visualization and a timeline view reveals how and why incidents happen, and their impact on the network.

visualizing cause and effect in critical infrastructure networks using network mapping software

Custom network mapping software for infrastructure management

We work with businesses, governments and technology vendors worldwide to create the next generation of network mapping software.

Using our network visualization and timeline visualization technologies, they’ve been able to build interactive applications that join the dots in complex critical infrastructure, revealing insight they need to understand.

intuitive network mapping software

Intuitive visualization

Discover new dimensions to infrastructure that other kinds of log analysis can’t show. Timeline and network visualization reveals network structure and activity in a uniquely intuitive way, leading to faster insight.

secure network mapping software

Secure visualization

Design visualization tools suitable for the world’s most secure environments. They sit inside the firewall, don’t track users, never call home and can be easily SSL encrypted.

scaleable network mapping software

Visualization that scales

Our toolkits support visualization at scale. Whether you need to understand specific connections or a vast global network, our products scale to any size organization and operation.

beautiful network mapping software

Beautiful visualizations

Every aspect of the tools can be customized, from the functionality to the look and feel. The result: a beautiful chart that fits seamlessly with your application and your users love to use.

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Timeline visualization for JavaScript or React developers

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