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Network mapping software for infrastructure

The infrastructure visualization challenge

To build secure infrastructure, you need to understand connections. From the internet to gas pipelines, corporate IT systems to global telecoms networks: they’re all complex connected systems. A single point of failure can have a massive impact.

For that reason, organizations invest in network mapping software to monitor and manage infrastructure. This software generates huge volumes of densely connected information, recording the behavior of every device, connection, and event, in real-time.

With this information, organizations want to interpret their network structure (discovery), and proactively respond to threats and vulnerabilities (defense). This can only be achieved by understanding their data. That’s where network mapping software plays a crucial role.

Webinar: Visualizing an infrastructure network with KeyLines & ArangoDB

Network mapping software

Often, network analysts create their own network diagrams using painfully inefficient diagramming tools. Using network visualization tools, like KeyLines or ReGraph, instead, it’s possible to generate dynamic network visualizations of critical infrastructure networks from logs in seconds.

In this blog post on network analysis tools, we’ve seen how combining infrastructure data with our network visualization technology makes it easier and faster to uncover vulnerabilities and faults in critical IT networks.

An IT network, with devices sized by importance based on social network analysis measures.

Here we see how visualization technologies can help analysts respond to network alerts, making use of node combining and network layout techniques.

example of an alert in an infrastructure visualization
Focusing on a network alert

Network analysts also need to understand their infrastructure visualization at different levels of detail. Starting from a high-level overview, they will drill into detail to find specific devices or connections. Alternatively, they may need to zoom outwards to undercover the context around a specific network point, or switch between logical and geographic views. Our network visualization and mapping software makes that simple and intuitive.

Different views of an IT network
Different views of an IT network

Why choose our network mapping software?

We have customers using our network mapping software to see, understand and protect critical IT, telecoms and other infrastructure networks. They choose us because our technology is:

  • Powerful – we’ve carefully designed our technologies to provide outstanding performance, even when visualizing the largest networks.
  • Flexible – our products are fully customizable, resulting in network mapping tools that are styled exactly how you need them.
  • Compatible – our software is datastore agnostic. It can work with logs or any other kind of data from any source.

It also offers the powerful functionality that lets analysts see their infrastructure and get context on demand, including node combining, layouts, time analysis and map mode.

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Our network visualization technology has been used by organizations around the world to see and understand their critical infrastructure. If you’d like to learn more, request a trial of our technology or get in touch.

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