Link analysis for security & intelligence

Revealing insight in security and intelligence data

The security & intelligence data challenge

Intelligence is critical to defense. Defending a nation means understanding threats, and it’s the analyst’s role to interpret and communicate threat information to decision-makers at all levels.

The task is complicated by the growing volumes of data available on individuals, groups, events, locations, events, resources, systems, agencies, etc. These datasets often sit in multiple places in multiple formats, from structured records to disorganized human intelligence reports.

Analysts need sophisticated tools to visualize the relationships and patterns in these large datasets, so they can play their vital role and ensure mission success.

A network visualization of some of the individuals connected with the 2015 Paris bombings

The link analysis solutions

In a military and defense environment, link analysis solves the problem of how to acquire, analyze and present critical intelligence.

Link analysis technologies can help your analysts bring their complex, densely-connected data to life in scenarios including:

  • exploring lawful intercept communications data
  • understanding terror cell / criminal gang network structures
  • following the flow of enemy finances or resource
  • managing logistics
  • co-ordinating incident responses

White Paper: Lawful interception

See how powerful interactive link analysis can help analysts find insight in large volumes of lawfully-intercepted communications data

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Why Cambridge Intelligence

At Cambridge Intelligence, we build link analysis technologies that provide a single point of access to multiple sources, visualizing data across domains in a single interactive link chart.

Users can explore and analyze this data interactively, expanding and grouping data on demand, applying social network analysis measures, automated layouts and filtering.

Our products give analysts the tools to uncover insight and share it in a format that’s easy to understand by personnel at every command level anywhere in the world. That level of shared situational awareness leads to reduced risk and a greater chance of mission success.

analysts have access to huge volumes of data, including OSINT from social networking sites
Analysts have access to huge volumes of data, including OSINT from social networking sites

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