WhamTech joins our Technology Alliance

18th March, 2019

We’re happy to announce that WhamTech, creators of unique index-based data virtualization technology, is the latest partner to join the Cambridge Intelligence Technology Alliance.

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Established in Dallas, Texas since 2000, WhamTech is the success story behind SmartData Fabric® products. Operating in industries ranging from healthcare and supply chain to banking and finance, their security-centric technology combines the best of conventional federated data access, data warehouse and enterprise search solutions.

What’s unique is their ability to deliver near real-time access to almost any data source, format and location. The KeyLines SDK is database agnostic and works with virtually any datastore, so integration is quick and seamless.

Cambridge Intelligence’s Commercial Director, Corey Lanum, said:

“The data virtualization sector recognizes the hidden insight in connected data, so welcoming WhamTech to our technology alliance is an exciting development. Combining their secure, index-based technology with highly-customized applications built using the KeyLines toolkit lets users turn complex data into powerful visual networks in no time.

Gavin Roberston, WhamTech’s CTO and SVP, is excited about the future:

“We’re seeing an increase in the number of WhamTech customers wanting to visualize their data. Integrating SmartData Fabric® products with KeyLines allows users to interact fully with connected data without a dependency on a specific graph database. From compliance to fraud detection, supply chain management to transaction processing, we’re looking forward to future collaborations that’ll maximize network analysis potential.”

About the Technology Alliance

Our Technology Alliance is formed of industry-leading organizations whose products and services complement our own offering. Existing members include Microsoft Services, Neo4j and DataStax. They share our mission to help people understand complex connected data, and offer high quality tools that can be seamlessly integrated with our own.

About WhamTech

WhamTech, Inc. is a software company whose mission is to develop security-centric distributed virtual data, master data and graph data management, and analytics technology software products. WhamTech develops these products to anticipate, meet and exceed the demands of customers seeking an alternative to the conventional approaches of data warehouses, federated data access with conventional adapters and enterprise search. WhamTech’s goal is to provide an improved and more seamless way to work with data, by leaving it where it resides, and change the way fundamental and advanced data management is addressed.

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