KeyLines 5.0: Magnificent map mode & more

20th November, 2018

We’re excited to announce the release of KeyLines 5.0: the next generation in visualizing connections in geospatial data.

Graph insight without limits

We’ve completely overhauled our map mode. Now based on Leaflet 1.3.4, this new version of KeyLines Geospatial features smoother panning and zooming, plus improved reliability across platforms and browsers, particularly on touch devices.

Advanced flexibility

You now have the freedom to use layers and options such as alternative Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS). Whether you rely on plugins for geofencing and map layers or integrating with leading geospatial service providers like Esri, KeyLines 5.0 can handle it.

Using Esri basemaps and services in KeyLines 5.0

A new approach to visualizing connections in geo data

There’s also support for scalable background images in charts, so you can visualize nodes and links on everything from floor plans to building footprints, transport hubs to IT network diagrams.

With the ability to smoothly transition between real maps and offline maps or images, KeyLines opens up a whole new opportunity for connected data analysis.

Using images with map mode gives greater context to IT network diagrams

Improvements to image loading

Images are now loaded asynchronously: they load as soon as they’re ready. It’s great news for your users, who no longer have to wait for large numbers of images to download from backend servers.

New demos and bug fixes

These include:

  • Demos showing how to integrate with Esri, and use images as maps.
  • Fixes to overlapping nodes in lens layout, errors loading circular images, and issues when using toDataURL in map mode.

Keen to get started?

You’ll find full details, including release notes and breaking changes, on the SDK site.

To try the powerful new map mode features for yourself, just request a free trial or contact us for more information.

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