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Find out what the world’s saying about our game-changing graph visualization technology

At Cambridge Intelligence, we build data visualization tools that ‘join the dots’ in data and make the world a safer place.

Not so long ago, hardly anyone could visualize connections in data. It required highly-trained analysts and complex specialist software. Only the most secure organizations, like intelligence agencies, could do it.

We’re bringing a set of powerful data visualization techniques to a wider audience, helping organizations secure their systems and processes in the real – unclassified – world.

From our Cambridge headquarters, we work with hundreds of customers worldwide. On this page, you can find our what the world is saying about us.

For more information about Cambridge Intelligence, please contact Marketing Director, Andrew Disney at [email protected].

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Our press highlights

We’ve had our fair share of press coverage over the years.

Read a few of the highlights below.


06 November – The Telegraph
Britain’s top tech firms growing 1,000% per year

30 August 2015 – The Sunday Times
Cyber start-ups put hackers in their sights

22 July 2015 – Cambridge Network
Cambridge Intelligence takes a trip to the Palace

22 April 2015 – University of Cambridge
How to picture a thriving business

21 April 2015 – Business Weekly
Cambridge technology the crowning glory in Queen’s Awards

16 January 2015 – Business Weekly
Cambridge Companies advise Obama on cyber security

15 January 2015 – SC Magazine
UK cyber-security firms join Cameron for ‘controversial’ US trip

06 Jan 2015 – Startups.co.uk
Innovative Business of the Year 2014


11 August 2014 – Dataversity
Cambridge Intelligence Introduces KeyLine 2.0

08 April 2014 – Business Weekly
Cambridge Intelligence grows headcount from new city HQ

26 Feb 2014 – Cambridge Network
A ‘Powerhouse of Tomorrow’: Cambridge Intelligence wins national award


22 March 2013 – BBC Newsnight
Cambridge Intelligence CEO discusses big data visualization on flagship BBC news program


12 November 2012 – Cambridge Network
Cambridge Start-up is hit with US Department of Defense

06 Feb 2012 – Business Weekly
Former i2 ace on IBM’s case

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