Social network analysis measures

25th September, 2012

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In August and September we’ve continued our push for in-browser graph analytics by integrating two commonly used algorithms from Social Network Analysis – betweenness and closeness centralities.

Betweenness & Closeness

High betweenness scores are indicative of ‘brokers’ within the network, which usually correlates to some form of power. High betweenness nodes are sometimes called ‘boundary spanners’ or gatekeepers. Nodes which join two or more different communities will typically have high betweenness scores.

Closeness measures paths from a node to all other nodes in the network. Closeness can identify good ‘broadcasters’ in the network, or good places to listen-in to the network.

The algorithms are fast, typically with sub-second response time, and are tested against reference implementations such as NetworkX.

It is great to see KeyLines becoming more than just a great visualization tool!

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