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Visualizing your Titan graph database: An update

16th June, 2016 Estimated reading time 5–8 minutes

Last summer, we wrote a blog with our five simple steps to visualizing your Titan graph database with KeyLines. Since…

Visualizing Graphs with TinkerPop3: A Migration Guide

31st May, 2016 Estimated reading time 4–7 minutes

Migrating From TinkerPop 2.x to TinkerPop 3.x The graph ecosystem is constantly evolving, with new and more powerful technologies powering…

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KeyLines FAQs: Deploying your application

15th March, 2016 Estimated reading time 3–4 minutes

You’ve worked hard to build your KeyLines application. Your chart looks beautiful and everyone was blown away by your time…

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Visualizing Neo4j 2.2

31st March, 2015 Estimated reading time 2–4 minutes

Last week Neo Technologies announced the general release of v2.2 of the world’s most popular graph database. The culmination of…

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Five mistakes you probably make in your front-end JavaScript

26th March, 2015 Estimated reading time 4–6 minutes

Writing front-end code in JavaScript can be tricky. The quality of your code not only affects the visual appearance of…

Building a data visualization app in Java

25th November, 2014 Estimated reading time 3–5 minutes

Earlier in this blog, we went into some detail on how to integrate KeyLines’ network visualization capability into a Java…

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Building a network visualization application in Java

30th September, 2014 Estimated reading time 4–7 minutes

Part 1: Google Web Tools In this blog post we’ll show how to integrate a KeyLines network visualization application with…

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How to test a JavaScript UI

28th August, 2014 Estimated reading time 4–7 minutes

Testing an application is always a tricky task. Not only is it technically difficult, but also software testers can find…

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KeyLines FAQs – Getting Data into KeyLines

12th August, 2014 Estimated reading time 2–4 minutes

Getting data into KeyLines This is one of a series of posts answering frequently asked questions we hear from new…

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The Best NodeJS Modules for Testing

24th June, 2014 Estimated reading time 4–6 minutes

Web application developers face many challenges – some they can fix, others they just have to work around. A good…

About Marco Liberati

Marco has a Masters degree in Computer Science from Università degli Studi di Roma Tre, in Rome, Italy and was a visiting scholar at NYU. He has two year's experience developing anti-fraud software.Marco is a core JavaScript developer specialising in social network analysis algorithms and the graph layouts within KeyLines.

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