Bringing Graph Visualization to the Enterprise

  • Cambridge Intelligence announces partnership with the leading provider of database software for cloud applications.
  • Technology integration will allow for the visualization of dynamic, complex connected data on a massive scale, powering security solutions for government and financial services customers.
  • Cambridge Intelligence CEO to present the integration at this week’s DataStax Summit Europe.

Cambridge, UK – 19 April 2016 – Cambridge Intelligence, creators of the KeyLines graph visualization toolkit, today announced a new partnership with DataStax, the leading provider of database software for cloud applications.

The announcement coincides with the launch of the DataStax Enterprise (DSE) Graph – a new enterprise graph engine that leverages the power of Apache Cassandra™ and the graph scalability of Apache TinkerPop™.

The alliance between the two firms will allow DataStax customers to easily integrate powerful and scalable graph visualization capabilities, powered by KeyLines, into their applications. These applications will empower users across the enterprise with graph visualization capability, providing an intuitive way to explore, analyze and communicate graph insight.

Early use cases for the technology integration include security and financial services: domains in which making sense of vast graph datasets is a significant challenge. It is hoped that a combination of DataStax’s enterprise-scale graph database combined with KeyLines’ graph visualization capability will provide analysts with a new way to detect unusual patterns and uncover intelligence.

Cambridge Intelligence CEO, Joe Parry, will showcase a working integration of KeyLines and DSE Graph at the DataStax Summit Europe 2016, taking place April 19-20 in London. He said of the partnership:

“We’re excited to be working with the DataStax team as they make their first moves into the graph database market. KeyLines is uniquely well placed to help DataStax Enterprise Graph customers uncover new insight in their data. It is the only visualization solution with the performance and power to handle the vast, ever-evolving connected data the DataStax Enterprise Graph has been built for.”

The announcement follows the release of KeyLines 3.0 earlier this month. The third major version of the graph visualization toolkit incorporates substantial performance enhancements designed to help analysts meet the scale and complexity challenges posed by modern graph data.

About Cambridge Intelligence

Cambridge Intelligence Limited is a leading provider of data visualization and analysis solutions. More than 100 organizations worldwide rely on their award-winning toolkit technology, KeyLines, to make sense of their complex connected data in domains including cyber security, law enforcement, intelligence and fraud detection.

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