Digital Marketing Manager

Full-time; Cambridge, UK, with remote working

Digital Marketing Manager

We’re looking for a Digital Marketing Manager to help us turn website traffic into leads, and prospects into happy customers. As a data analysis expert, you’ll work with our sales, marketing and product teams to design, implement, measure and optimize effective digital marketing initiatives that generate leads and drive revenue.

Who is Cambridge Intelligence?

We’re a team of data visualization experts. With our data visualization toolkits, we help organizations build intelligent visual analysis tools that ‘join the dots’ in their data, uncovering hidden threats.

What’s the role all about?

You’ll be crucial in creating the processes and campaigns that help us generate sales opportunities, including:

  • HubSpot and marketing automation – you’ll be our HubSpot super-user, running imaginative new campaigns and making sure our marketing automation platform works well for everyone in the team.
  • Digital campaign management – design, run, optimize and measure multi-channel campaigns that generate quality leads, incorporating content, SEO, paid search and remarketing, webinars, emails and automation.
  • Website maintenance and analysis – collaborate with our content team to ensure our website looks great and is easy to navigate, and share reports that identify website trends and content opportunities.
  • Search engine optimization – join our continuous whole-team efforts to make our web content work both for visitors and search engines, taking a lead on spotting opportunities and reporting on our performance.
  • Conversion rate optimization and experimentation – use A/B testing strategies to make our websites as effective as possible, designing and running experiments to drive engagement and conversions.

Who’s the ideal candidate?

We’re looking for someone with an analytical mindset and lateral approach – someone who can spot trends in data and imagine the best ways to take advantage of them. You’ll be willing to experiment with new approaches, even if they sometimes fail.

Automated multichannel marketing campaigns can get complicated, so you’ll need excellent planning skills and attention to detail. Our campaigns are already established too, so you’ll need to grasp complexity quickly.

You should also like and understand technology: to make the most of our digital marketing stack, and to understand the data visualization toolkits we sell.


You’ll have:

  • Digital marketing and marketing automation experience
  • Proactivity and enthusiasm – a constant improver
  • Knowledge of key inbound marketing concepts: buyer journey and persona models, content strategy, conversion rate optimization, email marketing and lead nurturing, lead scoring, attribution reporting, etc.

Straight to the front of the line

  • Knowledge of tools in our marketing stack, especially HubSpot but also: WordPress, Google Optimize, Wincher, Google Adwords, Microsoft Advertising, LinkedIn Ads, Asana, Yoast, Adobe Creative Suite.
  • A/B testing and experimentation experience.
  • Marketing niche products to a technical audience.

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Why join the team?

  • Interesting and challenging work
    We’re driven by a desire to solve difficult problems. We grow our skills with pioneering work in everything from technical engineering to visual design.

  • Make an important impact
    You’ll be trusted by your team to make significant contributions early on. You’ll be involved in projects that are key to the success and growth of our young company.

  • Development opportunities
    The best way to succeed is to invest in our people. We prioritize personal development, set ambitious goals and provide opportunities to learn on the job from your talented colleagues.

  • Innovation
    We encourage inventiveness. Everyone contributes to the success of the business: from building and promoting the product to supporting the team and driving customer success.

  • Flexible working
    We’ll give you the flexibility to work the way you want. Prefer a late start or early finish? Fit your hours around your schedule, or work remotely up to 80% of the time.

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