Solutions Engineer

Permanent, fulltime; Location: Lowell, MA (US)

Who is Cambridge Intelligence?

We’re a team of data visualization experts. We help organizations to make an intelligent visual analysis of their data to ‘join the dots’ within it and uncover hidden threats.

Using our KeyLines SDK, it’s quick and easy to build powerful data visualization applications, roll them into analysts’ tools and workflows, and deploy them anywhere in the world.

What’s the role about?

This is primarily a development role. You’ll become an expert user of KeyLines and use it to develop data-visualization apps that are both powerful and beautiful.

You’ll work alongside a Customer Success Manager consulting with new and established customers to determine effective solutions and then deliver implementation services, custom development, and training, as needed.

Who’s the ideal candidate?

You’ll probably have a background in software solutions, technical consulting or building complex apps in JavaScript. As a natural problem-solver, you’ll enjoy the challenge of parachuting into a project, assessing customers’ needs, and delivering an impactful solution.

You’ll also have a knack for looking at things from a user’s point of view. Most of all, you’ll be motivated by the satisfaction of seeing the results of your work in customers’ projects.


  • JavaScript (ES6) and frameworks (e.g. Node.js, React, Angular)
  • Solid web stack experience, which might include: HTML, CSS, Python, SQL etc.
  • Experience of data transformation/manipulation, web services and database management would be an advantage
  • Strong analytical and problem–solving skills
  • An ability to clearly explain technical concepts to a non-technical audience in an engaging way.

Straight to the front of the line:

  • Subject matter experience of anti-fraud / compliance, cyber security or law enforcements / crime prevention
  • Experience with graph databases (e.g. Neo4j, Titan, ArangoDB, OrientDB), graph frameworks or graph visualization libraries (e.g. KeyLines, d3, Linkurious, sigma.js)
  • Experience of any data visualization libraries, tools or solutions.

This role is in the Customer Success Team. Find out more about us here.

You can find out more about working here in our Life at Cambridge Intelligence section.

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A note to recruitment agencies

We work exclusively with recruitment specialists who have expertise in particular sectors. To be considered for our preferred suppliers list, please email with your proposed terms and a summary of how you can help with our recruitment needs. Please note that we do not discuss roles or recruitment by phone with agencies not on our preferred supplier list.

Terms are not accepted unless and until we have actively agreed to them in writing, and any candidate details supplied prior to active agreement of terms will be used as we set fit without any obligation to the agency supplying them.

"I get to work on varied projects, explore cutting-edge web development technologies and hone my programming skills. Every demo I work on has different requirements and I really enjoy that."

- Duncan Grant, EMEA Sales Engineer

Why join the team?

  • Advance your career
    Take on a challenge that will help you take strides in your career.

  • Turn your ideas into action
    Be part of our innovation culture, joined by others who will turn your ideas into reality.

  • Join an independent success story
    We're not beholden to VC demands. Instead we take our own decisions and set our own direction.

  • Solve problems that matter
    From protecting vulnerable people to stopping cyber attacks, we help our customers to solve important problems.

  • Forget office politics
    Say no to long meetings, pointless hierarchies and endless bureaucracy.

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