Visualizing the DSE Graph

How to build powerful graph visualization applications for your DataStax Enterprise (DSE) Graph database.

What is the DSE Graph?

The DSE Graph is a highly scalable graph database.

It makes use of Apache CassandraTM and Apache TinkerPopTM and is based on the open source Titan graph database.

The DSE Graph has been designed for enterprise cloud applications that require a high performance back-end capable of handling very large volumes of complex and evolving graph data. It also delivers continuous uptime and predictable performance.

Why Visualize your DSE Graph?

The complex connections in graph data can be a goldmine of insight, but only if a human can understand them. Graph visualization provides an engaging and intuitive way for users to explore graphs.

This is where KeyLines can help.

What is KeyLines?

KeyLines is a JavaScript software development kit (SDK) to help you build graph visualization web applications. Using the KeyLines SDK, you can build a powerful web application that allows your users to explore the data in your DSE Graph – forming connections and uncovering hidden trends.

Every aspect of your application can be customized. Using KeyLines’ TinkerPop connector code, users will be able to easily call data from the DSE Graph back end by interacting with nodes and links in their KeyLines chart.

Visualizing the DSE Graph with KeyLines

visualizing DSE Graph with KeyLines
The simplest way to visualize the DSE Graph with KeyLines is using the bundled TinkerPop interface.

In this scenario the KeyLines files are hosted on a web server and presented to users in the web browser.

By interacting with nodes and links in their KeyLines chart, users raise queries to the DSE Graph database, which are communicated to TinkerPop using WebSockets or HTTP calls – depending on your applications requirements.

The data is then returned as JSON object for KeyLines to visualize.

Build your own DSE Graph Visualization

The KeyLines SDK offers you a fast way to design, build and deploy the best graph visualization application possible. We have created a working integration with the DSE Graph Database, which you are welcome to use to kick-start and inspire your own KeyLines app.

Our tutorial offers step-by-step instructions for creating a KeyLines application to visualize your DSE Graph database: Follow the tutorial