Visualizing OrientDB

Build powerful and sophisticated visualization applications for OrientDB

What is KeyLines?

KeyLines is a software development kit (SDK) to help you build graph visualization applications, quickly.

Using the KeyLines SDK, you can build and ship a powerful web application that allows your users to visually explore the data in your OrientDB database – forming connections and uncovering hidden trends.

Every aspect your application can be customized: the interface, the workflow and the functionality.

Why visualize OrientDB?

See patterns more clearly – the human brain can recognize and decode patterns visually much faster.

Explore your data – visualization allows users to explore and traverse the database and gain a more meaningful understanding of their data.

Answer questions – users can leverage visual analysis techniques (automatic layouts, filtering, SNA, time bar, etc.) to enhance their understanding of data in their OrientDB database.

Architecture for OrientDB Visualization

KeyLines is a database agnostic visualization solution, but the graph format of OrientDB makes it a particularly suitable back-end option. The architecture of an OrientDB visualization application built with KeyLines looks like this:

the architecture of a KeyLines / OrientDB application
the architecture of a KeyLines / OrientDB application
  1. The user accesses a KeyLines chart in their web browser. Each event performed, e.g. a click, right-click, hover, etc., raises a query to the OrientDB database.
  2. KeyLines raises this query as a jQuery AJAX request, which is natively translated into an OrientDB SQL query.
  3. OrientDB returns the required data as a JSON object.
  4. KeyLines renders the JSON data in the browser, using the HTML5 Canvas element or a powerful WebGL renderer.

Don’t have the time or development resources?

Building a graph visualization application with KeyLines is faster and easier than trying to build something yourself.

That said, if you don’t have the development resources or time to build your own KeyLines application, we can help. Our team of graph visualization experts can apply their wide experience to your project – helping you to build the best graph visualization solution possible.

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