KeyLines Time Bar

Visualize your dynamic networks.

The KeyLines time bar is a unique component to help you explore connected data as it evolves through time.

Using the time bar, you can:

  • Instantly filter data by time and date
  • Observe networks evolve
  • Investigate network and sub-network trends

The time bar can be deployed as a standalone component or be fully integrated into your main KeyLines node-link chart. As long as your data has a timestamp, the KeyLines time bar can visualize it.

White Paper:
How to visualize Dynamic Graphs

This whitepaper introduces the challenges of visualizing dynamic graphs and shows how the KeyLines time bar can help developers and data analysts overcome those challenges.

Download the White Paper

Easily filter temporal networks

Take a look at the time bar. It’s composed of several elements:

The KeyLines Time Bar annotated
The Histogram and Selection

These show the volume, or sum of values, of your data in the time bar. The histogram shows the overall network trend, whilst the selection link shows specific sub-networks you select in the main chart.

The Zoom Controls

These are a set of intuitive controls that allow you to change the time range being visualized from a century to a few minutes. This can be done using the zoom and fit buttons, the sliders or the mouse wheel.

The Scale

This runs along the bottom of the component and shows the range of time being visualized. We have included some simple localization capability, allowing you to change the language, date order (MM/DD/YY or DD/MM/YY) or clock format used (24hr/12hr).

The Navigation Controls

These controls allow you to play, pause, fast forward and rewind the time bar.

A Dynamic Graph Layout

Our tweak layout helps you understand the changes taking place in dynamic networks. By animating the change from one state to another, you can watch connections being made and broken.

Take a look at our layouts page, or download our white paper, to find out more.

Download the white paper

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