Visualizing the Titan Graph Database

Build powerful visualization applications for your Titan graph database.

Titan is a scalable, open-source distributed graph database. Using distributed multi-machine clusters, users can store and query hundreds of billions of vertices and edges.

Many developers need to help their users harness the power of Titan. We help them achieve this with KeyLines – our graph visualization technology.

What is KeyLines?

KeyLines is a fully-featured JavaScript software development kit (SDK) for building powerful graph visualization applications. It turns complex graph data into insight, uncovering connections and hidden trends. It’s flexible enough to be compatible with any graph database, but is an especially good fit with Titan. Here’s why:

  1. Speed: KeyLines is a fast and powerful graph visualization engine. This performance is amplified when paired with the Titan Graph Database.

  2. Easy integration: Gremlin and Tinkerpop allow for easy integration with Keylines. Simply convert the incoming TinkerPop JSON into a KeyLines friendly format, following the guidelines of our integration tutorial.

  3. Convenience: both KeyLines and Titan are optimized for connected data, so mapping the data model from one to the other is a breeze.

Your KeyLines application can be fully customized, from the interface, to the workflow and the functionality. The interactive KeyLines interface allows users to explore graphs quickly and effectively.

Build powerful, flexible and scalable graph visualization tools with advanced functionality
Build powerful, flexible and scalable graph visualization tools with advanced functionality

Why KeyLines + Titan?

The best way to fully understand your Titan data is to visualize it. The ‘node-link’ structure is intuitive and simple. Partnered with the brain’s unmatched ability to spot patterns, it’s an effective way to visualize, analyze and understand graph data.

KeyLines allows you to quickly view the Titan graph with minimal integration, giving you quick access to your data. It also provides a number of graph analysis functions and powerful features which, when integrated within an application, allow unlimited users worldwide to quickly gain insights from the data. It can also be 100% customized to your needs.

How to get started

Connecting KeyLines to your existing Titan database is straightforward. The SDK site (request a trial account here) contains interactive Titan demos to get you started, or you can follow our step-by-step Getting Started tutorial.

Titan Getting Started Tutorial

How we can help

Building a graph visualization application with KeyLines is faster and easier than trying to build something yourself.

That said, if you don’t have the development resources or time to build your own KeyLines application, we can help. Our team of graph visualization experts can apply their wide experience to your project – helping you build the best solution possible. See our consulting services here.