Visualizing the ArangoDB database

Create robust graph visualization applications using KeyLines and ArangoDB.

What is ArangoDB?

ArangoDB is a native multi-model open-source database optimized for connected data. It combines the strengths of three major NoSQL data models – graph, document and key-value stores.

Its triple model / single query approach helps developers build datastores with outstanding flexibility and power, without the risk and complexity of multiple stacks.

At Cambridge Intelligence, we work with developers who need to help their users harness the power of ArangoDB. We do this with KeyLines – our graph visualization technology.

What is KeyLines?

KeyLines is a JavaScript software development kit (SDK) for building powerful graph visualization applications.

These applications allow your users to explore the data in your ArangoDB database – revealing connections and hidden trends, helping them make good decisions fast.

Every aspect of your application can be customized – the interface, workflow and functionality. Using our integration with the Foxx microservices framework and AQL (Arango Query Language) users can easily call data from the ArangoDB back end by interacting with nodes and links in their KeyLines chart.

Let’s look at the standard ArangoDB visualization architecture.

Architecture for ArangoDB visualization

KeyLines is deployed to a web server and embedded into a web page making applications lightweight and incredibly easy to deploy, either as standalone tools or integrated into other systems.

The standard ArangoDB visualization architecture
The standard ArangoDB visualization architecture

Connecting KeyLines to your existing ArangoDB database is straightforward:

  • Access a KeyLines chart in your web browser.
  • Each event performed, e.g. a click, right-click, hover, etc., raises a query to the ArangoDB database
  • KeyLines raises this query as a jQuery AJAX request, which is natively translated into a Arango Query Language (AQL)
  • ArangoDB returns the required data as a JSON object
  • KeyLines renders the JSON data in the browser.

Build your own ArangoDB visualization application

The KeyLines SDK offers you a fast way to design, build and deploy the best graph visualization application possible. This tutorial offers step-by-step instructions for creating a KeyLines application to visualize your ArangoDB database.

If the tutorial leaves you wanting more, request a free KeyLines trial to get you started!

Request a KeyLines trial

An example of a graph visualization application, powered by KeyLines & ArangoDB
An example of a graph visualization application, powered by KeyLines & ArangoDB

Don’t have the time or development resources?

Building a graph visualization application with KeyLines is faster and easier than trying to build something yourself.

That said, if you don’t have the development resources or time to build your own KeyLines application, we can help. Our team of graph visualization experts can apply their wide experience to your project – helping you to build the best graph visualization solution possible.

See our range of consulting services here.

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