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Have you seen our tutorial on integrating KeyLines with DataStax Enterprise (DSE) Graph database?

Since the announcement of our partnership with DataStax, we’ve worked closely with our customers and the DSE Graph team to design a fast way of integrating.

A KeyLines demo, available now for all customers and evaluators, shows how to leverage the two technologies. We hope it will kick-start your application building, helping you to empower users across the enterprise with graph visualization capability and an intuitive way to explore, analyze and communicate graph insight.

About the DSE Graph integration

The integration combines KeyLines with the DataStax Enterprise Graph, making use of the Gremlin graph query language and the TinkerPop3 graph stack.

In the working demo, users can explore a network of actors and movies, taken from IMDB, by double-clicking on nodes and links. We have also included some UI to call KeyLines’ automated layouts and to display the Gremlin query:

The demo KeyLines / DSE graph application allows users to visually explore the IMDB dataset.

The shared graph model between KeyLines and DSE Graph means we have a one-to-one mapping between the visualization and the database – simplifying the developer’s data modeling task so they can concentrate on building great applications.

We are convinced KeyLines is the only visualization technology to provide the power and performance required to handle the vast, ever-evolving data the DSE Graph has been built for. Give it a go!

A screen showing a graph visualization created using KeyLines
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