Graphs in the financial services – Milan, 2019

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Last month, we proudly co-hosted a seminar with the UK Department of Internation Trade, Bureau van Dijk Italy, and our partners, Sistemi & Automazione, in Milan, Italy.

The aim of the event was to help customers use their connected data to manage risk. In particular, we focused on the financial services sector and the volume of transactional, business and open information data it manages.

Speakers representing different stages of the data analysis chain helped the group fully understand the challenges.

Collecting, collating, storing, structuring, querying and analyzing connected data requires real expertise. Similarly, designing and building tools that fit enterprise environments and span potentially hundreds of silos is no mean feat.

We shared techniques and technologies to prove that it can and should be done with visualization at the center of it all.

The importance of partnerships

We kicked off with a welcome from Danielle Allen, the UK’s Deputy Consul General. She spoke about the strength of UK and Italian technology companies, and how partnerships – like that between us and Sistemi & Automazione – lead to innovation and a securer, smarter world.

Visualization: Bringing data to life

Next, our own Joe Parry and Giuseppe Francavilla set the scene with an introduction to link analysis and connected data.

Giuseppe demonstrated how some of the biggest challenges facing the world of financial services are solved by understanding connections: from ‘know your customer’ (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML), to fraud detection and network cyber security.

Big data architecture: building practical, scalable solutions

Next, Marta Giannini, consulting and training manager at Sistemi & Automazione, shared a higher-level view of the challenge. She explained how they incorporated our data visualization toolkit KeyLines into their suite of products.

In particular, Marta shared an interesting demo of the Polaris system and how it provides enterprises with a way to collate, query and understand data from across silos.

Getting the data right

Finally, Fabian Mazza, Global Head of Government and Public Sector, and Francesca Sibra, Head of Compliance Solutions at Bureau van Dijk – a Moody’s Analytics Company – took to the stage.

They addressed the importance of clean, accurate, accessible data, sharing examples from the world of financial services – including how to establish beneficial ownership in different jurisdictions.

The future of link analysis

Few industries are as experienced with connected data as financial services. They were among the first to ‘join the dots’ with automated link analysis software, and their early tools inspired the advanced graph technologies we use today.

But, as we spoke with representatives from 20 different banks, insurers and government agencies from all over Italy, it became clear that a huge number of organizations still rely on those old legacy technologies.

We’re happy to have shared practical solutions to financial risk management problems. Those experienced in visualizing connected data learned about the latest developments, while those new to graph technologies recognized the benefits of embracing them.

We’d like to thank Sistemi & Automazione for co-hosting the event with us, the UK Department of International Trade team in Milan for organizing the seminar, and the team at Bureau van Dijk for sharing their experience with our guests.

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