Product updates: sharper rectangular combos

Since we first launched rectangular combos, we’ve had many positive responses from our graph visualization toolkit customers. This stylish alternative to traditional circular combos offers a great space-saving solution for busy charts, and a slick way to arrange subgroups of nodes in a grid formation.

With our latest toolkit releases, we’re excited to announce that rectangular combos have moved from alpha to beta development, so you can now use them in your production environments.

Read on to find out how we improved rectangular combos, and discover what else is new in KeyLines 6.6, ReGraph 3.3 and KronoGraph 1.7.

Cleaner, sharper, adaptable rectangular combos

You’ll notice how rectangular combos using grid arrangements now keep their neat shape at all times. You won’t see overlaps, even after opening or closing combos or transferring items.

Rectangular combos are a good option when you’re visualizing levels or hierarchies of data. This kind of data works best with our sequential layout, so we’ve improved the way that layout works with this combo type. By preserving the sequential layout of the chart through every combo action, the chart maintains the tiered arrangement your users expect.

Space-saving nested rectangular combos arranged in neat blocks

To see rectangular combos in action, try the updated Arranging IT Networks KeyLines demo, or the ReGraph Static Combos story.

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KeyLines’ Angular 12 updates

Version 12 is the latest major release of Angular, and an important step on their road to converging with Angular Ivy.

The KeyLines Angular Integration demo visualization
KeyLines support for Angular 12

ReGraph’s dark mode & RTL auto support

Using dark mode for your React graph visualizations?

You can now apply dark mode to your ReGraph navigation controls and overview window without resorting to custom controls. Try it for yourself in the Dark Mode story, one of many interactive examples in ReGraph’s Storybook.

You’ll also find a new story for Right to Left Text. It demonstrates how ReGraph now applies right-to-left (RTL) support automatically whenever it detects RTL characters. This means users will always see their RTL or bidirectional text rendered correctly.

ReGraph story demonstrating how it detects RTL and BIDI text content automatically and renders it correctly
ReGraph detects RTL and BIDI text content automatically and renders it correctly

KronoGraph’s latest updates

Many of our graph visualization users integrate their apps with KronoGraph, our timeline visual analysis tool. They’ve enjoyed some significant updates lately, including a new Playground for live code editing, smoother transition options for heatmaps, and an elegant grouping option for summarizing events.

KronoGraph’s event summaries represent densely-concentrated events without overcrowding the timeline
KronoGraph’s event summaries represent densely-concentrated events without overcrowding the timeline

KeyLines and ReGraph SDKs have showcase demos that integrate graph visualizations with KronoGraph timelines. Each demo has been updated to include the latest KronoGraph improvements, so it’s worth checking them out.

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