KeyLines 4.4: rapid rendering, neater nesting

4th June, 2018

Faster rendering

We constantly strive to make KeyLines the fastest and most powerful graph visualization technology around. KeyLines 4.4 includes enhancements that improve WebGL rendering performance significantly.

Your performance test results will vary based on your hardware and dataset, but our own benchmarks show KeyLines 4.4 is up to 2.5x faster than 4.3.

Neater nesting

The addition of combos to KeyLines 4.0 introduced exciting new ways to display and explore your graph data, but it also made rendering more complex. Based on your feedback, we’ve made changes under the hood to ensure KeyLines always draws items (nodes, combos, links, etc) in an intuitive order.

KeyLines' careful layering rules means all items are displayed in a logical order
KeyLines’ careful layering rules means all items are displayed in a logical order

There’s no need to change any of your code – swap in the new KeyLines file and your users should find combos neater and more insightful than ever.

Find the right demo faster

The KeyLines SDK has more than 80 demos for you to download and explore. They’re a great way to kick-start your development experience, but navigating through them can be time-consuming.

In this release, we’ve added a new demo search bar to help you find the demos you need, faster.

Searching the KeyLines demo gallery

We’re always keen to improve the SDK by giving you a better user experience and making our documentation more helpful. We welcome your feedback and suggestions – feel free to send them to our support team.

Proactive React updates

The React team are planning to drop some problematic legacy component lifecycles later this year. In preparation, we’ve already updated the KeyLines React component to stop using these methods, and upgraded it to support React 16.3.


We occasionally review the browsers and devices supported by KeyLines. Based on feedback from developers, we’ve decided to end support for some legacy operating systems from 01 January 2019. Check the SDK release notes for full details.

Try it for yourself

Every month we release a new version of KeyLines, containing new and improved features. If you’d like to try KeyLines 4.4 for yourself, request a trial here.

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