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Using Angular CLI to get started with KeyLines

15th October, 2018 Estimated reading time 6–10 minutes

This blog walks you through the commands you need to integrate Angular with KeyLines and start coding.

Graph Visualization & Python: Integrating KeyLines with Jupyter

8th January, 2018 Estimated reading time 5–8 minutes

Enriching Jupyter Notebooks with Graph Visualization Sharing intelligence is a key part of every graph analysis workflow. Once your connected…


Visualizing Graphs with ArangoDB and KeyLines

20th March, 2017 Estimated reading time 8–14 minutes

Some of the players in the growing graph database market The growing interest in graphs shows no signs of slowing…

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Hooking KeyLines up to the Neo4j Bolt Protocol

6th March, 2017 Estimated reading time 7–12 minutes

Neo4j 3.0 has many new features, and we’re particularly interested in the Bolt Protocol. Bolt promises to be a faster…

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Using JavaScript Promises in KeyLines: Part 2

13th February, 2017 Estimated reading time 3–4 minutes

Migrating to Promises and advanced ideas Last week we published the first of two posts on KeyLines’ new JavaScript Promises…

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Using JavaScript Promises in KeyLines: Part 1

18th January, 2017 Estimated reading time 5–8 minutes

Introducing asynchronous code and basic Promises In KeyLines 3.3, we announced support for JavaScript Promises. We know some of you…

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Visualizing a Knowledge Graph

8th September, 2015 Estimated reading time 7–11 minutes

Once you start working with graphs, it does not take long before you begin to see them all around you….

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Hacking KeyLines

20th January, 2015 Estimated reading time 8–13 minutes

A slightly belated happy New Year to all of you reading this blog post! We hope 2015 is a fantastic…


How to visualize time-based graphs with Neo4j

7th January, 2015 Estimated reading time 8–12 minutes

Graph databases are great for understanding the richness and complexity of the world around us. Data that would previously be…

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Visualizing Stack Overflow

14th October, 2014 Estimated reading time 9–14 minutes

XKCD – Wisdom of the Ancients – If you work with software, it’s almost certain Stack Overflow has rescued…

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About Duncan Grant

Duncan has a background in linked data and web application development as well as several years experience working in startup companies and a BSc in Enterprise Computing from the University of Sheffield.Making good use of his excellent JavaScript skills, Duncan works as part of our engineering team, building new functionality and supporting our customers through their deployment projects.

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