Knowledge graph visualization

How to turn connected data into knowledge and insight

Knowledge graph visualization

Organizations increasingly rely on knowledge graph tools to make the most of their growing volumes of data.

Information from across the enterprise is integrated into a single, large network. The network contains a semantic model of the data for users to query and explore. In this way, raw data transforms into knowledge.

Effective knowledge graphs are accessible to everyone – not just developers and expert analysts. That’s where visualization is critical.

Knowledge graph visualization

Knowledge graphs are inherently visual. Data visualization – especially graph visualization and timeline visualization – brings them to life, making them more tangible, intuitive and useful.

Let’s see some examples.

Who uses knowledge graphs?

retail knowledge graph use case

Retail and e-commerce

Building an outstanding customer experience reduces churn, increases lifetime customer value, and generates revenue. Bringing all customer interaction data into a single place (Customer 360) makes it easier to make better, more profitable, decisions.

insurance and banking knowledge graph use case


Modern finance generates data on a massive scale. Connecting and visualizing it provides a rich source of insight, helping retail banking to maximize customer value, fraud analysts to detect unusual activity and compliance managers to stay compliant.

healthcare knowledge graph use case

Pharma and bioscience

Research-intensive organizations generate vast volumes of information, siloed in datastores and files across the enterprise. Knowledge graph visualizations make enterprise-wide search possible and data discovery faster and more insightful.

This is just a sample – any organization that needs to collate disparate data into a single unified view and apply their own taxonomy with see benefits from visualizing their enterprise knowledge graph.

Enterprise knowledge management

Successful businesses understand their data, but making sure everyone can access the right data at the right time is a difficult challenge.

Whether it’s a researcher navigating intellectual property and scientific data, or a customer service agent deciding the next up-sell opportunity, knowledge graph visualizations connect information from different domains, models and formats into a single view.

Graph-powered enterprise search and data discovery reveals connections between real-world entities. This gives researchers an intuitive way to explore domain knowledge.

explore data as a knowledge graph visualization

Customer 360 platforms harness knowledge graphs to give a holistic overview of customers – or in this example – patients. Easy access to this information supports strategic planning and complex decision-making, as well as tactical day-to-day decisions made by customer-facing staff.

knowledge graph visualizations are a key component of a successful customer 360 strategy

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We’ve helped governments, banks, and leading software vendors visualize their data.

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Risk management & knowledge graph visualizations

Knowledge graphs create opportunities to manage complex risks and threats in a more sophisticated way. When you present complex and disparate data in a tangible, navigable format, users perform more reliable situational analysis and threat detection. There’s a clearer understanding of the potential impacts of decisions.

The increasing scale and complexity of laws and regulation make compliance an increasingly data-intensive exercise. Knowledge graph visualizations give compliance managers the tools they need to meet “know your customer” regulations and perform more sophisticated compliance checks across the whole business.

regulatory compliance management using knowledge graph visualization

Fraud management is about understanding connections. Knowledge graph visualizations gives fraud investigators an intuitive interface to understand complex connections between people, accounts, transactions, and anything else they need to understand.

using knowledge graph visualization to detect and investigate fraud

Knowledge graph visualizations driving process optimization

In a connected environment, small decisions can have big consequences. Organizations need to understand how their systems and processes are connected so they can manage them responsibly. That means knowing where dependencies and relationships exist.

Knowledge graph visualizations reveal this level of insight. They help decision-makers change direction with confidence, knowing it’ll have a positive impact on the business.

A supply chain is a tightly-interconnected system with a huge network of dependencies. Visualizing these dependencies gives managers the oversight they need to adapt to changes, optimize existing processes and trace materials through every stage of the supply chain.

managing and optimizing supply chain using a knowledge graph visualization

Build a powerful knowledge graph visualization

We’ve worked with hundreds of organizations worldwide, from national governments to innovating start-ups, helping them to build powerful visual interfaces for their enterprise knowledge graph platforms. Why do they choose us?


Overcome data silos

Bring together data from across the organization in a single chart. Our flexible approach means you see a full 360 picture of all your data.


Make faster decisions

Discover intuitive ways to explore your knowledge graphs. Timeline and graph visualization reveal data connections, leading to faster and better decisions.

custom visualizations

Custom visualizations

We help customers visualize their most complex semantic ontologies, translate subject-predicate-object terminology into RDF Triple Stores, and query them using SPARQL.


Scale across teams

Knowledge graphs are most powerful when everyone can use them. Intuitive visualization empowers everyone to see connections in data – from data scientists to the CEO.

Want to try it for yourself?


Graph visualization for JavaScript developers

A screen showing a KeyLines graph visualization featuring a network of email communications between employees

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Graph visualization for React developers

A screen showing a ReGraph graph visualization featuring a network of email communications between employees

Use a simple data-driven API to build customized graph visualization apps in React.

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Timeline visualization for JavaScript or React developers

A screen showing a timeline visualization featuring in investigation into suspected fraud by individuals against US stores

Design interactive timelines to explore patterns and unfolding events.

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