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Introducing the powerful organic graph layout

22nd October, 2018
Estimated reading time 4–7 minutes

This blog post takes a closer look at our newest addition to the KeyLines layouts family. It shows how the organic layout delivers on performance and quality, so you get the best of both worlds.

KeyLines 4.7: Organic Graphs

3rd September, 2018
Estimated reading time 2–3 minutes

KeyLines 4.7 has landed and is available now to all customers and evaluators. It includes our new high-performance force-directed graph layout.

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Sequential layout: The best way to handle tiered data

29th January, 2018
Estimated reading time 5–8 minutes

Sequential layout is the latest of seven layouts in the KeyLines toolkit to bolster your network visualization arsenal. It’s designed to display data that contains a clear sequence of distinct levels of nodes.

Wishing You A Sequential Christmas

26th December, 2017
Estimated reading time 6–10 minutes

It might not sound like the most festive of features, but the recent 3.8 release of KeyLines featured a brand…

KeyLines Network Clustering

11th January, 2016
Estimated reading time 3–4 minutes

In our last post, we took a closer look at EigenCentrality and Page Rank – two of the great new…

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KeyLines FAQs: Building a custom layout

12th August, 2015
Estimated reading time 5–8 minutes

One of the best things about KeyLines is its customization. Every aspect of a KeyLines application can be adapted to…


KeyLines FAQ: Layouts Part 2

8th July, 2015
Estimated reading time 2–3 minutes

A few weeks ago, we wrote a blog post about force-directed layouts. We took a brief look ‘under the hood’…

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KeyLines FAQ: Force-directed layouts

23rd June, 2015
Estimated reading time 3–4 minutes

The Standard Layout is probably the most underrated tool in your graph visualization armory. It’s a simple yet effective bit…

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Effective Automatic Layouts

20th August, 2013
Estimated reading time 2–4 minutes

Using KeyLines’ automatic layouts to explore your graph data and simplify your network visualizations

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