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Visualizing the friendship paradox with KeyLines

13th November, 2018
Estimated reading time 6–10 minutes

We use the advanced features of KeyLines to test the friendship paradox. We’ll show how advanced styling and customization makes it easy to gain insight from evolving networks.

How we predicted the World Cup result

18th July, 2018
Estimated reading time 5–8 minutes

We take a closer look at how we used graph theory to predict France as the 2018 FIFA World Cup winners.

Visualizing NYC taxi cab data

18th June, 2018
Estimated reading time 5–8 minutes

In this blog, we use a New York taxi cab database to show how graph visualization can be useful when working with large and complex datasets.

Using graph technologies to weed out fake news

28th February, 2017
Estimated reading time 8–13 minutes

Fake news is nothing new – bad journalism and propaganda have always existed – but recent concerns about its affect…

Tips on visualizing a graph dataset

12th January, 2017
Estimated reading time 5–8 minutes

If you need to visualize your graph data, the quick and dirty approach is to throw all the data together…

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KeyLines Network Clustering

11th January, 2016
Estimated reading time 3–4 minutes

In our last post, we took a closer look at EigenCentrality and Page Rank – two of the great new…

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EigenCentrality & PageRank

2nd November, 2015
Estimated reading time 4–7 minutes

In among the new features and enhancements of KeyLines 2.11 were two great new social network analysis measures: EigenCentrality and…

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Using Social network analysis measures

21st July, 2015
Estimated reading time 6–10 minutes

Working as an intern for Cambridge Intelligence over summer, I couldn’t wait to get into KeyLines and see what it…

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KeyLines FAQs: Social Network Analysis

3rd December, 2014
Estimated reading time 5–8 minutes

Social network analysis (SNA) measures are a vital tool for understanding the behavior of networks and graphs. These algorithms use…

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Social network analysis measures

25th September, 2012
Estimated reading time 1–2 minutes

JavaScript implementations of Social Network Analysis measures

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