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Data Insights Cambridge

UK, Cambridge

04 May 2017

‘Connected Data’ is where connections between data elements play a key structural role in the data analysis process. This sort of data is found widely in the commercial world, and getting insight out of it is difficult. It requires data modelling, ETL, specialised graph databases, graph algorithms and visualisation techniques. This talk will discuss practical experiences of each bit of this pipeline & lessons learned so far.

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Graphs & the Police: How Law Enforcement Analyze Connected Data at Scale


04 May 2017

In this webinar, Christian Miles will introduce the benefits of graph technologies for law enforcement. He will show how to use Neo4j with compelling graph visualization techniques to improve performance and analytics when working with large volumes of law enforcement data.

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GraphConnect EU

London, UK

11 May 2017

GraphConnect focuses on the rapidly growing world of graph technology, and features Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database. Use discount code ‘CAMBRIDGE30’ for 30% off tickets.

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Graph Day 2017

US, San Francisco

17 June 2017

Following the success of Graph Day 2016 in Austin, Texas, we’ll be back for Graph Day 2017 in San Francisco! Keep an eye on the event agenda for more details.

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UK, London

06 – 07 July 2017

KeyLines Sales Engineer, Duncan Grant, will be sharing some of his graph visualization experience at Infiniteconf 2017 – the conference on Big Data, Data Science & Engineering. Catch Duncan’s talk on visualizing the evolution of music genres on day 2.

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