KeyLines – releasing early, releasing often

15th January, 2018

KeyLines 4.0 is coming soon! Before it’s released, we thought it’d be a good idea to highlight recent changes to our release strategy.

Get the good stuff sooner

We’re constantly making KeyLines better, and we want you to benefit from improvements as soon as possible. Since KeyLines 3.5 last year, we’ve been releasing new versions every month instead of every quarter – this means you get your hands on the good stuff sooner.

What’s in a version number?

We use a format similar to semantic versioning, where KeyLines releases are numbered major.minor:

  • We release major versions (e.g., x.0) annually. KeyLines 4.0 is due imminently, but we usually release major versions around autumn. This is the only type of release that may contain breaking changes, and we’d only include them in exceptional cases.
  • We release minor versions (e.g., x.1, x.2) regularly throughout the year. These versions always contain backwards-compatible features and fixes.

So now you’re up to date with how frequently we’re releasing and why. Next time, we’ll have lots to tell you about the game-changing features in KeyLines 4.0.

KeyLines 4.0, what's new?
Some of the latest demos you’ll see in 4.0

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