KeyLines v2.3.1

8th December, 2014

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We’re pleased to announce the release of KeyLines v2.3.1. The last release of 2014 sees wide-ranging improvements throughout the SDK.

Angular js logo

New AngularJS Directive (Beta)

Thanks to some great help from our AngularJS alpha testers, we’re ready to put our directive into beta and open it up to all customers for feedback.

If you’re using AngularJS, take a look and send us your feedback. You can find it details under Resources > Angular Directive (Beta).

Time bar leaves beta!

Having listened to your feedback, we are ready to bring the time bar out of beta. This means the API is now fixed and we’re committed to keeping it backwards compatible.

Other time bar improvements include:

  • Background color can be set
  • Slider color can be set
  • Fixes to display accuracy

See Demos > Time Bar > Basic to see it in action.

Time bar colors

Searching KeyLines Charts

We’ve put together a simple new demo showing how to incorporate a simple node search function into your application. Find it in Demos > Basic > Search.


Combo API improvement

We’ve updated the combo name space with the find function, allowing you to find the parent combo of a certain id.

Bug fixes

  • Improvements to radial layout
  • Improved glyph animation
  • Compatibility fixes for IE10 and IE11
  • Multiple other fixes, see the change log for details.

As ever, get in touch with comments, questions, feedback or ideas:

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