Who needs to visualize networks?

How some of our customers use KeyLines

Security & Intelligence

network visualization for security & intelligence

Link analysis and network visualization distils key intelligence from your complex connected data, for quick and clear insight.

Network visualization for security

Law Enforcement

network visualization for law enforcement

Link analysis between victims and suspects is used during the legal process to identify and convict offenders.

Uncover criminal connections

Cyber Security

network visualization for cyber security

Guard your data more effectively, process it faster and understand your cyber threats using a network visualization application.

Detect cyber threats


network visualization for fraud management

Network visualization allows you to identify unusual financial activity and detect possible fraud.

Combat fraud with KeyLines


network visualization for compliance

Ensure compliance with rules and regulations by visualizing patterns and easily spotting anomalies.

Speed up compliance procedures

IT Infrastructure

network visualization for infrastructure management

Integrating KeyLines into existing network management tools enhances your IT team’s control over their network.

Maintain critical infrastructure

Social Networks

network visualization for social networks

Before you can influence social networks, you first need to understand both them and their unique dynamics.

Understand social interactions


network visualization for pharmaceuticals and bioscience

Network visualization and analysis helps pharmaceutical companies combine their data management and discovery activities.

Join up your research

Business Intelligence

network visualization for business intelligence

Networks and graphs can answer any business intelligence question involving complex and connected data.

Unlock business insight

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