KeyLines 3.1: Greater Control and ReactJS

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Introducing KeyLines 3.1 – built to give you greater control, more flexibility and a faster developer experience.

Adding controls to the hierarchy layout

Many datasets include some kind of hierarchy or dependency. In this release, we have added the ability to override the automatic layout so you can force a node to a particular vertical layer.

This means you can force nodes with shared attributes into layers, flowing from top to bottom, giving a clearer presentation:

the improved KeyLines hierarchy layout
New in KeyLines 3.1: Force nodes into defined vertical layers

See our new Hierarchy demo for more details.

Display enhancements

  • Labels: Frequently you will want to use custom graphics for your nodes; now you can invoke ‘text centre’ for the label as an alternative to it being placed under the node.
  • Glyphs: KeyLines’ Glyph sizes are now configurable – so the most important ones can be appropriately sized.
  • Auto-ellipsis: We’ve made it simpler for you to automatically truncate long labels in a clean and predictable way.

Get started faster with ReactJS

Nothing stays still for long in the world of JavaScript frameworks. ReactJS has become very popular for facilitating a faster, simpler JavaScript development experience.

We are delighted to announce our new documentation and demo showing how easy it is to integrate KeyLines into your ReactJS app. See the SDK site for more details.

the KeyLines - ReactJS integration
A new ReactJS-KeyLines demo and documentation will help you kick-start your dev projects

Note: KeyLines is out-of-the-box compatible with most JavaScript frameworks, so you’re welcome to use whichever you prefer. We don’t prescribe or prefer any of them! If there’s an integration you would like to see us work on next, just let us know.

Retina-ready resources

More and more of your users are adopting 4k monitors and retina screens. To give them the best experience possible, we have released our fixed assets in beautiful better-than-HD resolution.

KeyLines' new retina-compatible assets
Comparing KeyLines’ new HD assets

New Combos demo

You asked us for more demos to help you make better use of Combos, our node grouping feature. So our new Ransomware demo lets you explore the spread of Ransomware over time and regions, showing how to use KeyLines combos with the time bar visualization component:

Visualizing malware with KeyLines
The new Ransomware demo explains how to use the time bar with combos

Other improvements

KeyLines 3.1 also includes other bug fixes, enhancements and changes. Check out the Change Log (SDK > Documentation > Change log) for details.

Any feedback?

As always, we would love your input for our future releases. Make your voice heard! Send us your thoughts, suggestions and opinions.

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