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Visualizing data in-browser

2nd March, 2012
Estimated reading time 2–4 minutes

Three other ways of making your browser visualization-capable

Browser plug-ins for visualising data

21st February, 2012
Estimated reading time 3–5 minutes

A short history of how third party runtimes have enabled browser-based visualization, and a prediction.

Former i2 ace on IBM’s case

6th February, 2012
< 1 minute

Business Weekly Article A Cambridge software specialist who spent 12 years at i2 before its acquisition by IBM has created…

Introducing KeyLines

3rd February, 2012
Estimated reading time 2–3 minutes

Welcome to the KeyLines blog! Here we’ll be blogging on a variety of topics relating to web-based visualization in general. But let’s start by explaining the basic proposition of KeyLines.

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