Why Visualize Networks?

Unlock the insight in your connected data

What is network visualization?

Network visualization, graph visualization or link analysis is the process of visually presenting networks of connected entities as links and nodes.

Nodes represent data points and links represent the connections between them.

To look beyond your flat data model and understand connections in your data, you need powerful network visualization tools.

Why visualize networks?

The world is densely connected. If there’s an interesting relationship in your data, you’ll find value in network visualization.


It’s intuitive

Exploring networks as node-link structures instantly makes sense, even to people who’ve never worked with connected data before.


It’s fast

Our brains are great at spotting patterns, but only when the info is in a tangible format. Network visualization helps you identify trends and outliers quickly.


It’s scalable

Network visualization lets you simplify complexity, see context and understand detail. With one chart, you can get an overview or dive into specific connections.


It’s insightful

Through interactive data analysis, you gain deeper knowledge and understand context. That’s hard to achieve with a static, aggregated visualization.

Ready to learn more?

Our white papers introduce network visualization topics, from use cases to specific techniques.

Our white papers

Who needs to visualize networks?

Connected data is all around us. We help organizations solve their biggest challenges.

law enforcement and security

Law enforcement & security

Join the dots between people, places and events and filter out the noise that stops you seeing the connections and preventing crime.

Infrastructure management

Infrastructure management

Create interactive visualizations that reveal bottlenecks and vulnerabilities in connected critical infrastructure.



Uncover unusual activities to identify, predict and prevent all kinds of fraud: from insurance scams to VAT fraud.

cyber security

Cyber security

Make sense of vast, complex and densely-connected data to uncover cyber security threats and help keep networks secure.

Interested in learning more about the real-world uses of network visualization?

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How to visualize your network data

At Cambridge Intelligence, we help developers build network visualization tools that are 100% customized to their users, their data and the questions they need to answer.

Network visualization for JavaScript developers

Network visualization for JavaScript developers

Enjoy the flexibility to code how you like. Add network visualization to your applications that work anywhere, as part of any stack.

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Network visualization for React developers

ReGraph Network visualization for React developers

With ReGraph’s simple data-driven API, it’s quick and easy to add network visualizations to your React applications.

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