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Cambridge Intelligence Webinars

Master supply chain management with graph analytics

Modern supply chains are expansive, complex networks involving many moving parts. Managing these networks can be challenging but with the help of graph analytics, it doesn’t need to be. By the end of this session you’ll have an understanding of how graph analytics can offer you a clearer understanding of your network and help you improve your supply chain management.

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Bringing time-series data to life with KeyLines

We integrate KeyLines with a time series database (TSDB) to see what the advanced time bar features can do.

Mapping a connected world: The value of geospatial graph visualization

With KeyLines, exploiting geospatial information has never been easier. This blog post describes three compelling use cases to help you get the most out of connected data on maps.

Become Education: a recommendation engine for 21st century careers

In this blog post, we’ll see how Become Education use graph visualization, powered by KeyLines, to equip children with the skills and knowledge to design their own lives.

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